Lenz Family Farms raises approximately 240,000 cwt. of yellow flesh potatoes, mostly Yukon Gold and ship from August through February.  We have the ability to wash, grade and pack 5 lb. consumers bags, cartons or we can wash and grade potatoes for re-packers in mini-bags.  Our wash plant can grade and pack up to 3,500 cwt. per day.  We also use x-ray technology for internal hollow heart detection.  Our facility maintains a constant cold chain from the time the potatoes arrive from the field until they leave the facility in temperature controlled trucks. We use only fresh water in the washing process. We also have a third party audit conducted annually to assure food quality and safety.  We are also Primus GFS certified.  For more information on sales and product availability, contact Rod:  rod@lenzfamilyfarms.com

​​​Lenz Family Farms